Despite being a journalist and magazine editor, I like having this little online space, to blog about some of the things I don’t write about professionally.

The blog started off as a place to record observations about my running exploits. As the very definition of a ‘fun runner’, I have always enjoyed reading about people like myself – those who are never destined to be great athletes, but have managed to whip up enough enthusiasm to hit the tarmac a few times a week.

While it’s a lot of fun to wax lyrical about your own meagre running achievements, those who don’t share your passion are likely to find your tales from the frontline of jogging a bit dull, so I’ve enjoyed connecting with a few fellow slow pokes through this blog.

I also enjoy scrawling down my thoughts on a few other topics – namely cruelty-free and vegan skincare and beauty, and plant-based food. You might find a bit of recipe inspiration in these pages.

Thanks for dropping by!