img_20160907_082344Before I share this, I have to make one thing clear: people are way too obsessed with protein. How much you have, where you get it and so on. The reality is, most of us consume too much, it’s easy to get enough from plant-based sources only, and unless you’re planning on building lots of muscle, you don’t need tonnes of the stuff. Protein is important – but only in the right amounts.

Having said all that, I do like a protein shake for a number of reasons. It’s all too easy to fill a smoothie with loads of fruit and end up with a blood sugar-spiking monstrosity on your hands. It’ll taste amazing, but only fill you up for a short time. By contrast, when I add protein, I find it way more satisfying.

Sometimes if I’m looking for a lighter meal, and I want to watch calories and macros, I’ll have this shake for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I will often have it after a workout, as some believe it helps with muscle growth and repair.

I recommend you freeze your fruit – that way you get a much nicer, thicker texture, as well as a good temperature.


1 small frozen banana

small handful frozen mixed berries

1 scoop chocolate vegan protein powder ( I liked Strippd – doesn’t taste too much like artificial sweeteners and blends well)

Unsweetened almond milk (amount depends on how thick/runny you want it to be)

Optional extras: ice cubes, a dollop of soya or coconut yoghurt, chia seeds


Just stick everything in the blender/smoothie maker and process until it reaches your desired consistency. An immersion blender will also work for this. Only thing to bear in mind is not to put your protein powder in first, or it ends up sticking to the bottom of the container, and not mixing properly.

Calorie and macros per recipe (serves one)

I make a hearty one with about 200ml of almond milk and 50g of berries (these values don’t include any of the optional extras)

Carbohydrates                               34.75g

Protein                                             22.17g

Fat                                                     3.75g

Kcals                                                 258



12 replies on “The vegan protein shake that powers me through the long runs

  1. This is awesome! I have a similar one – banana, flax seed, protein (I use sunwarrior) spinach, berries, chia and coconut water. Absolute life saver! I’m definitely going to try yours out as well. Great recipe, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?

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  2. I have only been vegan for 3 weeks. I have heard so many people talk about protein that we eat way too much. But does it satisfy your hunger? I was eating probably not enough the first two weeks and gained 4 pounds (I’ve been the same weight for 25 years and never struggle with weight), and this last week I added some protein and felt much better. I guess it’s a balance? I’m a newbie so I don’t know. I will check out the protein powder. Thanks!


    1. Hi, hope you are finding your vegan lifestyle a bit easier now! It should be easy enough to get enough protein without adding powder, but if it is helping, then maybe you should stick with it? I haven’t had a problem with weight gain since being vegan (only when I eat too much!) but was heavier when I ate meat and dairy. There are other sources of protein worth checking out too – maybe try seitan, tofu, nuts etc? Good luck!


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